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Technology has become tech magic in 2022, the world of high tech electronic security, access control and fibre optics have never been this exciting.

We have been developing, designing and installing high end security systems for over a decade. It is only now that we can confidently offer reliable and affordable biometric authentication systems.

Sophisticated security cameras can track a person based on biometrics learned into the system. The surveillance system seamlessly hands over to a smart proxy reader to allow authenticated individual to gain access to premises. Based on 2 step security clearance the intrusion system deactivates the alarm.

Yes the technology has been around for a while now but it was always intermittent in operation or vulnerable to cyber attack.

What’s changed in electronic security solutions?

Elevated encryption, multi chain authentication, speed of light with fibre optic and CAT6A infrastructure allowing optimal security speeds for processing security handshake between security devices.

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